Over the past decade, the image of Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald sprinting down the sideline, hair flapping against the name on his jersey, eyes wide and focused on the football sailing his way has become an iconic one to the team's fans. It's one fans should savor in 2014, because this could be Fitzgerald's last training camp with the Cardinals. The reason is money, no surprise. Fitzgerald's salary-cap figure increases $15 million to $23.6 million. That will be between 15 percent and 20 percent of the salary cap, a huge amount to invest in one player. At this juncture, the Cardinals want to keep Fitzgerald, and he wants to stay. Making that happen, however, will be challenging, to say the least. "It would probably be difficult," said Jason Fitzgerald, a cap expert who operates the website overthecap.com. "Arizona currently has around $135 million already committed to the 2015 cap, a figure that includes no quarterback." Cardinals President Michael Bidwill said the team's intent hasn't changed: It wants Fitzgerald to retire as an Arizona Cardinal.