It’s official. Larry Eustachy’s time as Colorado State’s men’s basketball coach has come to an end. Less than six years after it started, the coach who said he wanted to finish his career with the Rams has resigned. CSU and Eustachy, 62, parted ways Monday, a university source told The Denver Post, following an internal investigation of the coach’s conduct and treatment of players led by athletic director Joe Parker. In dissolving Eustachy’s contract, the coach will receive three payments of $250,000 through early 2019 and remain on paid leave until July 1, the source said. The sides had been negotiating an exit for the past two weeks after CSU decided it would not retain Eustachy. It was the second such internal investigation of the coach in the past four seasons. While the specifics of the latest investigation haven’t been revealed, sources close to the team who were interviewed by Parker, deputy athletic director Steve Cottingham and compliance director Shalini Shanker said they relayed incidents of verbal abuse by Eustachy where he’d single out players and berate them with profanities, particularly behind closed doors during halftime of and after games. “We really did think Eustachy’s behavior improved after the 2013-14 season and into 2015 and 2016, but this season it became obvious that there were still some issues,” a university source said.