Losing eight in a row is one thing. Reaching that nadir the way the Milwaukee Bucks did Saturday night? How bad was the 96-72 loss to the Charlotte Bobcats? Bad enough that Bucks coach Larry Drew felt compelled to apologize to the entire city for such an affront to the game on the part of his team. "I owe the fans a big, big apology for the way we played tonight," Drew said. "We totally, totally let the city down with our lack of energy and passion. As long as I'm head coach, this will never happen again." After losing Friday night in overtime at Philadelphia despite leading by 10 points with 2 minutes left in regulation, Drew thought the Bucks would come out at home with said energy and passion. Since there was none of that to be found amid blatant selfish behavior, Drew made a promise for the next game, Monday at Detroit. "There will be changes in the starting lineup," Drew said. "If they're not on the same page, so be it. There will be changes." Most of the starters had cleared out of the locker room after Drew aired his grievances to the media. "I hope it ticked some of them off," said Drew. "If it did, I don't care. We will play hard." Said backup forward John Henson, "He told us we stole one from our fans tonight. He wants us to play hard for the fans and we didn't do that." Absent star power, hustle and hard play are just about all these Bucks (2-10) have to offer. Without it, stinkers like these will pile up. "Hopefully this is not a reflection of who we are," backup guard Gary Neal said. "But you can't beat yourself up too hard. There are still 70 games to go. If we get the ship righted, I don't think anyone will be talking about this game in March." But Drew was more than happy to talk about it now. "I thought we would play with energy and passion," Drew said. "We did not do that. We didn't play like a team and that is very disheartening. I will not accept that. That was selfish play. We're not a good team when we play like that." After all, the Bobcats (7-7) were probably the one team in the league capable of ending the Bucks' losing streak.