Larry Bird started the job among the post-Brawl wreckage. Now he gets to finish it. Bird, who took a year off to deal with physical issues and to clear his mind, agreed Wednesday to return to the Pacers as the organization’s top man. He will start Monday. “He’s got plenty of rings of his own, now I want him to win one for me,” Pacers owner Herb Simon told The Star. “He’s got his energy back, his health back and he’s raring to go.” The Pacers will formally announce Bird’s return in a press conference at 10 a.m. Thursday. General manager Kevin Pritchard will remain on as Bird’s No. 2 while Donnie Walsh, who said last week he’d be ready to step aside if Bird returned, will become a consultant. Bird will not be involved in Thursday’s draft, which Walsh and Pritchard have been working on for months. “First of all, we all realize he’s done a pretty good job with the team,” Simon said. “He left because of physical reasons. It was always contemplated that when he straightened out his medical issues he would come back. The only thing is we didn’t know if it would take a year or more for him to feel strong enough to get back and apparently he had a good year and is ready to come back.”