March 12 is the day that free agency begins and the new league year commences. The first few days tend to be the craziest with big signings. The Arizona Cardinals have several key contributors that are free agents, including running back LaRod Stephens-Howling. In fact, LSH is considered by Pro Football Focus as one of the top available running backs in free agency. PFF ranks him as the ninth best available back in the market. Initially a special teams ace, "Hyphen" has always been up to the task of delivering when the Cardinals have called his number. Unfortunately, a woeful offensive line made life extremely hard on Stephens-Howling , who struggled to get much going despite forcing 28 missed tackles on his 128 touches. Therein lies his problem. He'll always need a degree of help in getting into space where his speed and deceptive power can help him create things. At a listed 180lbs he's just not cut out for a hugely significant role, but then you look at the success a guy like Danny Woodhead has had, and wonder, why can't he have something similar?