Lane Kiffin knows a little something about B.S. He's, well, Lane Kiffin. So when it came time to interview a 21-year-old prodigy for an analyst's position at Alabama a few years back, Kiffin was ready to call you-know-what. Charlie Weis Jr. couldn't be this good, Kiffin thought. Nick Saban already had heard enough about the kid in 2015 that he arranged a meeting between his then-offensive coordinator and the son of the former Patriots offensive coordinator and Notre Dame coach. Weis Jr. was breaking down film as a teenager. He didn't drink, got straight A's, and was a devout Christian. And there was that beautiful football mind. "We're at dinner and "I'm like, 'All right, I don't buy into this photographic memory stuff,'" Kiffin said of Weis Jr. "I get my credit card and license and give them to him for five minutes. "I start asking questions about what was on there. He knew everything. The next day he still knew it." Birth date. Credit card number, expiration date. Everything. Real David Blaine-type stuff. That begins to explain why in January Weis Jr. became college football's youngest offensive coordinator. Now, and perhaps ever.