Lane Kiffin won 14 straight games as Alabama offensive coordinator with true freshman Jalen Hurts as his quarterback last season. He didn't get a chance to win a 15th. After Alabama's Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl national semifinal win over Washington, Kiffin was let go by coach Nick Saban and moved on to his new gig as the head coach at FAU. Steve Sarkisian, then an offensive analyst for the Crimson Tide, took over and called plays in the national title game loss to Clemson. Kiffin thinks his presence would have made the difference, and the Tide would have topped Clemson had he been allowed on the headset for one more game. "I do. It's no disrespect to Steve," Kiffin said via the Washington Post. "No matter who it was, you've been there all year long. You've been there for the quarterback. You're all he knew. You were undefeated together. We've won [26] straight games together. You feel like, OK, it's different. As great as Sark is, it's just different. Again, if it had been 14 points either way . . . when it's one play here or there, you think if those guys had the person they were used to, it would have made a difference."