Landry Fields can’t fulfill the role he would like to right now for the Toronto Raptors, but that doesn’t mean he can’t in the future. The former Knicks forward’s first year in a Raptors uniform has been a challenge from the outset, but he sees better times ahead. If it wasn’t initially trying too hard to live up to a contract that for reasons well beyond his own respected talents got elevated to a level that made justifying it almost impossible, then it was the onset of a nerve problem that began in his elbow but affected his hand and therefore just about every part of his game. Fields missed just under a quarter of the season with the hand problem including 17 games after it was finally diagnosed resulting in ulnar nerve transposition surgery on his right elbow. In layman’s terms, the nerve in the elbow was not sitting where it should have been and was triggering a spasm in his right hand that made it virtually impossible to shoot the basketball with any confidence. If the hand didn’t curl up involuntarily as he caught the ball, it did as he released it making any kind of accuracy impossible. Fields has been back in the lineup since Dec. 26, but not without some lingering effects. Shooting the basketball for much of the season was a last-resort option for Fields who has worked diligently in practice to get the shot and his confidence in the shot back to where it was. It’s only just recently that he has felt confident enough to say he will eventually get there. “Oh absolutely,” Fields said. “If you had asked me that a month ago, I would have said, ‘Well, I hope so,’ but I’m confident now I will get back there.”