Lance Stephenson is a free agent enigma and a polarizing topic amongst league executives. Stephenson, a tantalizing talent who led the league in triple-doubles (5), showed signs of immaturity during the playoffs with his antics toward LeBron James, leaving several executives split on his free agency value. The general consensus is Stephenson could command a yearly salary ranging from the $5.3 million non-taxpayer mid-level exception to as high as $10 million. The mid-level exception indicates concern over Stephenson’s maturity level, while the $10 million mark reflects his pure basketball talent as Larry Bird, Indiana’s President of Basketball Operations, noted. “I think his ceiling is what he wants it to be,” Bird said. “As a basketball player, you can’t find much more talent than what he has.” According to league sources, Stephenson’s agent – Alberto Ebanks – believes his client’s value is closer to the $10 million range. When asked if that’s the number he will be looking for, Ebanks told SheridanHoops, “I won’t be negotiating his contract through the media.” Ebanks praised the Pacers as a first class organization and remained hopeful the two sides can come together on a new deal in the coming weeks.