On who he’s excited about playing with: One guy I’m excited about is Mitch Moreland. I think he’s come into camp and I think that he’s a guy whose best days are in front of him. He’s been given the opportunity to be the everyday first baseman and I think he’s seized that opportunity. He’s swung the bat great, he’s hit left-handed pitching – which I know was a concern for the organization coming in was how well he’d do against left-handers – but he’s had great at bats, I think he’s got a lot of ability and I’m excited to see how that translates into the regular season. On how important the No. 3 spot in the batting order is: Really, the 3-4-5, probably 3 and 4 are more important that having a guy hitting 5th, but I feel like it’s sort of the keystone of the whole group. The good news is we have several candidates for that position. It’s not like just one guy can hit there. We have probably three different guys, maybe four, that could fill that role if necessary. So I’m not looking at it like, “Man, I’ve got to have a great year because I’m going to be hitting third.” I feel like if I can’t get the job done, we’ve got a couple of others guys that can or that are candidates for it. And we’ll get it figured out.