Heading into this season, it was uncertain whether LaMarcus Aldridge would be in Spurs uniform. His name was thrown around in several trade rumors over the summer, and at times his place on the roster seemed tenuous at best. At Spurs media day Monday, Aldridge chalked that up to being part of the business. He said he focused on the things he could control, and didn’t let the chatter bother him. “Maybe in my younger days I probably took it personal,” Aldridge said. “But now I’m older and I’m used to the game. I know it’s a business. So, no, I don’t take it personally anymore.” Aldridge said he talked to the team over the summer, though he added that he was prepared for anything. “We talked but I don’t feel like I have to,” Aldridge said. “I have an agent and that’s his job. I go off and I have my summers to myself and my family. My agent talked, and I talked to Pop and RC [Buford]. I wasn’t worried. If it happened, it happened, but it didn’t.” When Aldridge was asked if the rumors about him being unhappy as a Spur were true, he implied that they were a bit misconstrued. “People are always going to say things or flip things or run with stories,” Aldridge said. “It was a little bit of a frustration at one point on my end because I feel like I wasn’t really fitting into the system as well as I could, and I wasn’t helping to the level I could. With any relationship, it’s work. I talked to Pop and our staff and RC, and I’ll try to be better at it this year.”