The San Antonio Spurs’ franchise man, or hand, in forward Kawhi Leonard has only played nine games this season due to an ankle and quadriceps injury. He was listed as “out indefinitely” last January 17th and there are no signs if he can come back for the playoffs or not. As something that’s almost unheard of from the organization, Leonard is reportedly having differences with the Spurs management with regards to the treatment of his injury. 2018 All-Star reserve LaMarcus Aldridge also had this response when asked about his teammate’s possible return this season: In Leonard’s absence, Aldridge has stepped in as the new primary option on offense. Though he’s more comfortable than in years past and easily having his best season with the team (22.4 points and 8.4 rebounds per game), it is apparent that the big man is not fully able to assume the Spurs’ heavy mantle – at least not at this point.