They’re different players, Mahomes the ultimate arm, Jackson a unique and dynamic playmaker. But each has won a league MVP award and plays for a sound, forward-thinking organization that knows how to build a winner around a top quarterback. Mahomes has already won a Super Bowl.

Nope, not in the least is it a stretch to suggest we might be seeing the start of something very special, perhaps even the heir to the rivalry between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning that dominated the NFL for so long.

But before you anoint any competition as a rivalry, it has to be, well, a rivalry. And by definition, that means both sides experience a measure of success, ratcheting up the heat.

Brady and Manning opposed each other in 17 games throughout their long careers. Brady won 11, but each scored signature triumphs over the other, and that give-and-take is what made their rivalry so compelling.