NBA superstar LeBron James was caught pushing a fan during an Usher concert in a viral video published this week.

In the Tik-Tok video the Los Angeles Lakers star appears to be exiting the venue when a fan steps into his way, looking for a photo or a handshake. Instead, he gets shoved back by 6-foot-9 James, who was walking with his wife and likely wasn’t in the mode to engage with fans.


James posted about being at Usher’s show on Instagram, writing: “Appreciate the hospitality and phenomenal show G! Keep going up!” The pop star has a residency in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. The video has already been viewed nearly 300,000 times.

James appeared to be relaxing knowing a major change was on the horizon with the Lakers executing a blockbuster trade for former MVP Russell Westbrook. The deal caught many by surprise but it was reportedly something that had been in the works, per Brad Turner of The Los Angeles Times.

Turner reported that the superstar trio met up at James’ house and discussed the possibility of Westbrook joining the Lakers and how it would work out.

James and Davis talked about the two of them changing positions if that was best for the team — James moving from small forward to power forward and Davis from power forward to center.

Westbrook let James and Davis know he doesn’t mind playing off the ball when James initiates the offense, something he did while playing alongside James Harden with the Houston Rockets.