I know the Los Angeles Lakers are stubborn in their approach.

We've heard it all offseason long. Rob Pelinka put together this team with the idea that they could beat the Golden State Warriors by being a non three-point shooting team. They've seen what's happened with teams in recent years who have tried to copy the Warriors' formula for success only to fall short each and every time.

LeBron James has also echoed his support in having confidence that Pelinka is putting together the right framework for success.

But the bottom line is, the Lakers still need three-point shooting.

It makes perfect sense if Los Angeles believes it needs to go a different route in order to beat the very best the NBA has to offer. They believe they need playmakers and gritty guys in order to one-up Golden State.

Which is fine. However, in case that plan blows up the Lakers still need a three-point shooter or two. And look at that, two three-point shooters are right there for the taking on the free agent market in Jamal Crawford and Nick Young.

Lakers nation is well familiar with Young. The guy played for Los Angeles for four seasons, and while he had an up-and-down tenure with the Lakers, he had his best season yet during his final year when Luke Walton was in his first year as head coach in 2016-17. Young averaged 13.2 points per game on 40.4 percent from beyond the arc in 60 starts as the Lakers' starting shooting guard.