When the Lakers announced that they had given Frank Vogel a contract extension in a Friday afternoon news dump that came hours after a report that they were unlikely to give him more than a one-year extension — if they gave him one at all heading into the final year of his first deal — the writing was sort of on the wall that while Vogel would avoid lame duck status, it would likely only be for one more year.

When that was followed by a report that coaches around the league thought that Vogel had only gotten one year tacked on to his original three-year contract, it seemed even more likely. But still, the exact length of Vogel’s extension has been kept quiet by both his camp and the team for weeks. While we could all speculate, no one knew for certain how long his current contract ran, post-extension.

Or at least we didn’t... until now. Because buried deep inside The Athletic’s big story on the Lakers’ offseason that dropped Monday morning was the confirmation of what most had suspected: That Vogel only got one extra year.