Mike D’Antoni was brought in as the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers just five games into the season last year after the team decided to part ways with Mike Brown. That apparently the new coach’s relationship with his players specifically vested veteran Antawn Jamison. Jamison played his 15th season in the league for the Lakers last year expecting to compete for a title on a team that was supposed to feature Kobe Bryant Dwight Howard Steve Nash and Jamison at least a little bit. Injuries derailed portions of the season for the first three but Jamison was given no explanation for why he fell out of D’Antoni’s rotation for portions of the season — something he puts in part on D’Antoni. Jamison talked to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne about his joining the Clippers and said how excited he is to work with new head coach Doc Rivers but the veteran forward explained D’Antoni and the team didn’t exactly see eye-to-eye early in the season.