Lakers Kendrick Nunn approached me in the DMs a couple of days ago. He was upset about a story I wrote about his girlfriend threatening to beat up an alleged hooker claiming that Nunn was the father of her son.

Nunn’s girlfriend, Blen Kiya, was upset that Cecilia Rodriguez was going around telling everyone that Nunn was the father and had named the boy “King Nunn” (that is pretty messed up).

Here is what we reported at the time.

"A woman is claiming that Nunn is the father of her son. It is unclear if she became pregnant while Nunn was with Ms. Kiya or if this was before they started dating.

Ms. Kiya seems to confirm the woman is either working towards or has gotten a legal judgment to get Nunn to take a DNA test to prove the child is his or he isn’t the father."