Los Angeles Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has no regrets about acquiring Steve Nash, who has appeared in just 60 of the Lakers’ 135 games since his sign-and-trade deal from the Phoenix Suns. “Absolutely. No regrets,” Kupchak said prior to Thursday’s game against Oklahoma City. “You had a chance. You have to recognize where you’re at as a franchise and we felt we had a two-year window, maybe three, to go for a championship and that’s what we did. Looking back on it, which nobody can do, that’s a different story. But at the time, we knew exactly what we were doing.” Nash missed Thursday’s game because of nerve root irritation in his back and hamstrings stemming from a collision with Bulls guard Kirk Hinrich over the weekend. “I feel terrible for him,” Kupchak said. “I really do. Nobody expected him to break his leg in the second game of the season (last year), and it’s one thing after another since then.