The Los Angeles Lakers got some good news on Thursday regarding their newly-signed center, Andre Drummond. Specifically, his toenail.

According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin and Adrian Wojnarowski, Drummond is expected to miss no more than one or two games with a nauseating right toe injury.

Drummond — who was signed by L.A. on Sunday via buyout — injured his toe during his strange Lakers debut against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday. The center had his foot stepped on by 7’0, 280-pound Brook Lopez during the first quarter, and was unable to even wear shoes by halftime. After the game, he revealed that the entire nail on his right big toe had come off.

“I didn’t really think anything of it,” Drummond said. “I came back in the second quarter and it was hurting a little bit more. And then after halftime, I finally took my sock off to look and my whole toenail was gone. It was all bad from there. I couldn’t walk or run, so I just told coach to take me out.”