When the Los Angeles Lakers signed Andre Drummond, there was a lot of hype. The two-time All-Star appeared to fill a need for a more athletic center and he was probably the best available free agent. He’s certainly had moments where he’s played at a high level but the returns have been disappointing overall since he joined the team.

He possibly had his worst game as a Laker on Monday against the Denver Nuggets. For the first time this season, he had a game with zero rebounds and only scored four points. Considering LeBron James was out due to injury, the team needs a lot more from him. Lakers fans were really excited about the Drummond signing but they’ve already begun to turn on him. A lot of fans had some choice words for the center during his performance on Monday.

What doesn’t help Drummond is the fact that Marc Gasol is playing at a high level again. Prior to the signing, the veteran big man wasn’t making much of an impact. That was a big reason why they targeted Drummond. Now he’s starting to play like the Gasol everybody remembers and that’s leading to fans wanting to see the former Defensive Player of the Year get more minutes.