The odyssey continues for the Lakers in their new world, whatever the heck it is. In their 111-106 win over New Orleans on Tuesday, they turned the stat sheet upside down again, with the Kobe Bryant pass parade winding its way through the Hornets. That's part of the chemistry they've been talking about in their search for a return from oblivion. But figuring it out might take a molecular biologist. At least they've picked the right time, late as it is, to find it as they embark on a seven-city trip in the next two weeks. The Lakers might have won three in a row at this point, but they've lost five in a row away from Staples Center. "This is pretty much the most important road trip for us, the most important stretch of the season for us," forward Antawn Jamison said. "We don't have another extra 15-20 games to get things going, but in order for us to finally beat a team we need to be in front of and turn this thing around, it has to be numerous wins in a row. "Our biggest problems on the road are problems you can correct. It's just a matter of us taking what we've done in the last couple of games and bottling it up and then carrying it on the road."