Two days after his critical comments on the Lakers, coach Mike D'Antoni suddenly changed his mind on seemingly everything regarding his team. The Lakers' 103-100 loss to Washington on Friday left him griping about the team's inconsistent ball movement and poor defense on Trevor Ariza, two qualities presumably aimed at Kobe Bryant. Bryant facilitated the offense before taking over in the fourth quarter while leaving Ariza open on nearly every shot. D'Antoni all but said Bryant's name when pressed about the stalled ball movement. "That's a good question. What, are you gonna throw me a piece of dynamite?" he said. D'Antoni's criticism apparently wasn't explosive. "I'm talking about everybody," D'Antoni said Sunday. "To say one is more guilty than the other? No. It doesn't really matter. "It's 'The Lakers screwed up.'" The Lakers (36-34) enter tonight's game against the Golden State Warriors (40-31) at Oracle Arena with a 11/2-game lead over the Utah Jazz (34-35) for the eighth playoff spot. "I'm just happy to get into the playoffs. I don't care what (seed) it is," D'Antoni said. "If we play to our max (potential), I'm not afraid of anybody." He suggested otherwise after the Wizards' loss. "If we don't change, we obviously won't make the playoffs," D'Antoni said. "But if we do, then we'll get blown out of the playoffs."