It was buried toward the end of Steve Nash's thorough explanation of what happened Friday, and it was exactly how close the Lakers came to complete basketball anarchy. "That would have been pretty devastating to lose this game," he said so quietly in front of his locker that you had to be leaning very far forward to hear him. The latest turn in the season that won't straighten was the Lakers falling behind by 20 to the Charlotte Bobcats but coming back to win, 100-93, at Time Warner Cable Arena. The victory almost seemed like a loss and didn't escape Kobe Bryant, who used the word "irritated" four times to describe how he felt after the Lakers squeezed past the team with the NBA's worst record. And this from Coach Mike D'Antoni: "Hopefully this will be a wake-up call. Again. For the 80th time." The Lakers never play well here, and Friday was no different. First, the "improvements," the Lakers moving to 4-2 on their seven-game Grammy trip and 3-5 on the road against the Bobcats in the expansion team's brief history. Now for the rest. The Lakers (24-27) trailed by 12 at halftime. The Bobcats, 23rd in the league in scoring, were running them off the court with 14 fastbreak points.