All season long during his press conferences, Chip Kelly avoided labeling the Eagles' offense like the plague, often pointing out that a term like "zone read" refers to one of many play concepts they run, as a opposed to an offense. "Here is our offense," explained Kelly. "We run the See Coast offense. If we see something and we like it and we think it fits, we're going to run it." However, there was one label that Kelly did commit to. Leading up to the Cardinals game, when Kelly was being peppered with questions about his "great college offense," as described by Arizona head coach Bruce Arians, Kelly clarified, "We're a spread out team." All season long, the Eagles showed that they liked to stretch the field horizontally (sideline to sideline), in addition to vertically. The premise of using every inch of the field horizontally is that you make the opposing defense cover the enitre field, spreading them out and getting your offensive weapons the ball in their hands with room to run.