On Tuesday we learned that the Nets may have a couple of players who have yet to be vaccinated. The NBA is not requiring players to be vaccinated. But there are a couple of cities that have their own regulations which have become relevant. Because of local COVID-protocols in New York and San Francisco, all players on the Knicks, Nets, and Warriors would need a jab in order to practice locally and participate in home games. But there could be a couple of exceptions to this rule which we’ll look at here. On Thursday, Yaron Weitzman, writing for FoxSports suggested one player who might not be vaccinated yet is Nets star Kyrie Irving.

Per Weitzman:

“One player who could be affected is Nets guard Kyrie Irving. According to multiple league sources, Irving has yet to receive a vaccine shot. Both the Nets and a spokeswoman for Irving declined to comment on the record about Irving’s vaccination status, but Nets general manager Sean Marks was asked during a news conference on Tuesday whether New York City’s mandate could sideline any of his team’s players.”

There’s no official word on any of this yet, but some folks have noted that Kyrie Irving was seen at some basketball arenas in sections where vaccines are required, like at Staples Center.

But just in case Weitzman’s report turns out to be accurate… what then would Irving’s options be? What about medical or religious exemptions?

Per Ian Begley and Alex Smith, writing for SNY:

“Per a New York City executive order, visiting players to New York City are exempt from the vaccine requirement, but Knicks and Nets players are not. There is a similar local ordinance in San Francisco, which impacts the Warriors.