Kyrie Irving's First Take appearance Monday morning vacillated from uncomfortable to enlightening, offering a new perspective on his shocking trade request this summer but still falling short of full disclosure. Irving offered some details about what pushed him away from the Cleveland Cavaliers, but not all of them. He said the organization failed to offer a "truthful environment," but didn't share what made it dishonest. He revealed he did not like the leaks about his trade request, but, when given the chance, declined to blame anyone specifically. "No one," Irving said. "Who cares? Honestly, who cares?" Everyone cares. That's how it goes when you demand a trade from a team that reached three consecutive Finals. That's how it goes when you decide you no longer want to play next to LeBron James -- which is clearly what Irving decided, even if he doesn't want to word it quite like that. I'm sure there were other forces pushing Irving out of Cleveland, but he felt like he needed to sacrifice parts of his game over the last three years. That's related directly to James' brilliance, even if James deserves no blame for being so damn great.