"Kyree Irving is a poor man's Tim Hardaway-type offensive player. He is a good shooter with range to 22 feet though he can be streaky. He is classified as a scoring point guard and putting the ball in the basket is the best thing he does. He did make some nice fancy passes but needs to learn to make the basic good pass. He is small but plays the passing lanes very well. Kyree is currently an unknown in the 2010 class but I am sure we will be hearing from him in the very near future. Kyree would be a top 300 player in the 2010 class nationally." -ESPN Recruiting, Nov. 2007 That's an excerpt from a 2007 scouting report on Kyrie Irving. A scout wrote that after watching him play in some high school showcase at the age of 15. He breaks down his game in a few quick sentences; not even bothering to make sure that his name was spelled correctly. That's how these things go; that's a scout's job. He probably watched Kyrie play in that one game and made a judgment based on those 30 minutes of basketball. It's not the most effective way to get a good sense of what a player can do, but when you're scouting high school players, you can't spend that much time on a single player. Despite the hastiness of such a report, the scout got two things correct: We will be hearing from him in the very near future and Kyree (sic) would be a top 300 player in the 2010 class nationally. If you fast-forward a couple of years, Kyrie manages to land in that "top 300 players." Fairly easily, actually - Kyrie is the 2nd highest ranked recruit in the country and commits to play his college basketball at Duke University. Another scouting report after his first month of games in college heralds Irving's play: "If there is such a thing as a freshman playing flawless basketball right now, Kyrie Irving would qualify for that outlandish statement. Productive, efficient, unselfish, exciting-there's really no shortage of ways to describe the way Irving has performed thus far."