It seems that Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant share a similar dislike of Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks.

The growing schism between the Nets and superstar Kevin Durant has been the biggest story in the NBA offseason. The question of where he could be traded or if it will even happen has raged on for over a month. But just when things seemed to be quiet on the Brooklyn front, there was a new explosion of news on Monday when it was revealed that Durant gave Nets governor Joe Tsai the ultimatum of it’s either him or the team’s coach and GM combo. Tsai can’t have both in 2022.

The news led to a tweet of support from Tsai for the organization’s decision-makers and relit the speculation fires of a Kevin Durant trade happening at some point this summer. Well, it seems that fellow superstar Kyrie Irving is also no fan of Nash and Marks.