I'll be the first to tell you that you can't really draw any meaningful conclusions from one game. There are too many variables, too many intangibles, too much chance to say anything with any degree of certainty from one game. You just can't do it. That said, did you see what Kyrie Irving did to Chris Paul and the Los Angeles Clippers last night? 24 points, 10 assists, his second career double-double. A mind-blowing no-look pass to Tyler Zeller. Drawing the defense to allow Dion Waiters to land seven three-point attempts. A three-point dagger to seal the game right in the face of Deandre Jordan. Are you not entertained? It was a marquee match-up for fans of point guards. Due to injuries, this was the first time that Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul would meet on the hardwood. And, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Kyrie Irving looked to be the better player. At least for one night. While one game means little in the vast picture of the NBA season, there is one thing that's crystal clear after last night. Kyrie Irving shifts into another gear the first time he faces off against an All-Star point guard.