Kyrie Irving's summer ended with a broken hand, but that bad break can't erase what he gained. Which was a lot. Irving spent the past couple weeks practicing for the U.S. Select Team, a group chosen to work against the Olympic Team. The constant buzz that came out of Las Vegas during and after these practices was that if one player stood out, it was the Cavs Rookie of the Year. "It was a great experience for him," Cavs coach Byron Scott said via phone from Las Vegas. "He's appreciated it. It gives him a pretty good idea of where he stands with some of the better point guards in the league. It's a confidence boost as well." Scott arrived in Vegas Friday to watch the Cavs summer league team, and the two went to dinner together where they talked about Irving's experience. Irving's message to his coach? "It was something that was needed," Scott said. Because until a player is among the best, he's never sure if he belongs with the best. Irving had the chance to prove he belonged, and he did that – even if the summer ended with an injury.