The more football success Kyler Murray experienced this past season, the more his stock rose.

Eventually, the Heisman winner from Oklahoma realized it made a lot of sense to the enter the NFL draft - even though he had signed a $4.66 million contract as the first-round pick of the Oakland A's.

"After the season, everybody is obviously projecting me high or whatever," Murray said in a Thursday interview with 105.3 FM the Fan. "I think it would be a little different if I wasn't but the decision is a lot tougher now that you put that into play. For me, it was always come back and play football and put myself in the best possible situations." 

Murray credited advice from his father, former Texas A&M quarterback Kevin Murray. 

"Dad's always told me it's best to have options," Murray said, "and we've lived by that for my whole life." 
Murray faces a key call about attending spring training with A's and whether to participate in the NFL combine.