Kyle Van Noy will find himself back in familiar surroundings in the 2021 season after signing with the New England Patriots on March 19th. But that opportunity wouldn’t have come about if not for Van Noy being caught off guard by his release from the Miami Dolphins. It likely will turn out to be a good thing for Van Noy in the long run but for now there are still some hard feelings.

In an article posted on ProFootballTalk, Van Noy stayed brief with his comments about Brian Flores while praising Bill Belichick, who he now reunites with in New England.

“Yea no comment,” is what Van Noy said when he was asked about how it was different playing for Brian Flores in Miami compared to playing for Flores when he was coaching under Belichick in New England.

While Van Noy stayed hushed about Flores and his time in Miami, he didn’t hold back his praise for Belichick when asked what it’s like back playing for him in a Patriots uniform.