The Rangers and non-roster right-hander Kyle McClellan worked out an agreement on his short-term future. McClellan agreed not to exercise an out clause that would have allowed him to become a free agent on Friday. He will join a club in the minor league system after rehabilitating a strained latissimus muscle in the right shoulder. In return, the Rangers agreed “we won’t hold him hostage,” general manager Jon Daniels said. The Rangers will let McClellan out of his minor league contract if another club wants him at any point for its major league roster. McClellan said his primary objective is to pitch for the Rangers. “I picked this organization for a reason,” McClellan said. “I want to fulfill that commitment and contribute to them like we had planned on. It’ll just be later.” The Rangers expect McClellan to be out for at least four weeks. History shows that trying to accelerate the healing process for this injury can lead to setbacks. “I know the stuff is there,” said McClellan, who had shoulder surgery in July while with St. Louis. “I just have to get healthy.”