Kyle Lowry just wrapped up his 17th season in the NBA and is still making waves as one of the most productive point guards in the association. Known for being a constant grinder on the court with a relentless mindset, Lowry has found tons of success in the league without being the most athletic guy on the floor. His career hit the mountain top of moments in 2019 when Lowry and the Toronto Raptors won the NBA Finals. Beloved in Toronto, Lowry will go down as one of the greatest to ever do it in the Raptors uniform.

One constant that’s always been by the side of Lowry is his wife, Ayahna Cornish-Lowry. The couple met in high school and are now married with two children. While it’s Lowry who gets a lot of the spotlight as the NBA star, the focus of this piece will be on Kyle Lowry’s wife, Ayahna Cornish-Lowry.

For as much credit as Lowry gets for his basketball career, Ayahna Cornish-Lowry was quite the baller herself. The couple met while both attending Cardinal Dougherty High School in Philadelphia. There, Ayahna was a star on the basketball team who got some big time looks from colleges. She would go on to attend St. Joseph’s University where she was widely recognized for a couple of years as the best basketball player on the team. A torn ACL derailed some of her basketball plans going forward but Cornish-Lowry had a super successful basketball career herself.