There’s no denying that Kawhi Leonard was the main man behind the Toronto Raptors’ fairytale-like championship run in 2019. Despite spending just one season with the Raptors, the two-time Finals MVP had a tremendous impact on the franchise. As it turns out, however, Leonard didn’t exactly have the best reputation during his time with the team.

Raptors legend Kyle Lowry, who is now with the Miami Heat, recently opened up about how some folks viewed Kawhi’s alpha dog status in Toronto. Apparently, not everyone was happy about how Leonard operated:

“Kawhi rubbed people the wrong way because of how he operates, he’s like,’ yo, yo, give me the ball. I’m gonna get it done.’” Lowry told CJ McCollum on his Pull Up podcast, via Adam Laskaris of Daily Hive. “You might be like ‘Kawhi, I’m open’. But he was like ‘I’m gonna get this bucket.’ You understand that he’s the best basketball player on your team. And you got to make sure your big dog gotta eat, you know what I’m saying? Big dog gotta eat at the end of the day. ”