Alvin Williams has been around the Raptors organization for the better part of 15 years. He can't recall another player who has donned a Raptors uniform with the kind of confidence and swagger point guard Kyle Lowry brings. "I don't see a lot of people like him," Williams, who has known Lowry since the latter was a freshman at Villanova, said. "I see Kyle as a unique player in the NBA. I think he's a throwback player. I think he relies on hard work, he's not afraid of hard work and he's willing to do that in order to be in the best. A lot of guys they say they want to be the best and they do a lot of different things, but they don't show it through hard work and practice." Even this early in the process, it's pretty clear that Lowry's arrival in Toronto is going to dramatically change the landscape. Words such as "soft" have never and will never be associated with Lowry. "Kyle to me is a special type of player because he brings that demeanour and attitude aside from his skill level and I think he competes," Williams the former Raptor and current Raptors scout said. "If you ask around the NBA and go to the top notch guards they know who he is because every night he brings that intensity." The same cannot be always be said of the Raptors as a whole and while Lowry admits he never paid much attention to the Raptors when they were an opponent: "It wasn't my (job) to focus on Toronto. My focus was on my team." It's impossible to imagine Lowry allowing his team's intensity or it's toughness to be questioned.