NBA young stud Kyle Kuzma was once the focal point of the Lakers. After his first two seasons in the league, in which he averaged 17.3 points and 5.9 rebounds per game on 45% shooting, he was hailed as a core member of the Purple and Gold, and fans quickly gravitated to his electric personality and promising potential on the court.

But over the past few seasons, the 2021 campaign most recently, Kuzma hasn't exactly impressed the basketball world. Inconsistency has taken over, and much of Lakers Nation has lost faith that Kuzma could blossom into that third star many were hoping he'd become.

Over the past few months, the young forward has been the subject of countless trade rumors, and all of them with varying degrees of plausibility.

Eventually, Kuzma was traded to D.C. as part of the trade that brought Westbrook to L.A. But, according to Kuzma, he was convinced that he'd end up in Sacramento before it was all said and done.