Notre Dame's Kyle Hamilton is unlike any other prospect in this year's NFL draft class.

Eric Berry is the last safety prospect to hear his name called among the first five draft selections. Eric Turner is the only safety to be selected in the top three since 1990. The position isn't usually held in such high regard. A special talent is necessary to enter such lofty territory. 

Hamilton has an excellent chance to reset both of those counters despite his positional value. In that regard, he'll join names like Quenton Nelson and Kyle Pitts, whose value as prospects superseded traditional norms. These talents are unicorns. They're so gifted and unique relative to their position that their abilities can't be overlooked when teams consider other top prospects at premium positions. 

Nelson, who dominates at left guard, has been named to the first- or second-team All-Pro squad in each of his four seasons. Kyle Pitts fell just short of the rookie record for receiving yardage by a tight end with 1,026 yards.

Some talent is simply too good to pass up, even when others make more sense from a conventional standpoint. 

Everything starts with the defensive back's imposing frame. At 6'4" and 220 pounds, very few safeties look like Hamilton. For comparison, Kam Chancellor, who served as the game's premier strong safety for years during the Seattle Seahawks' heyday, came into the league at 6'3" and 231 pounds.