Kristaps Porzingis' older brother and agent, Janis Porzingis, recently spoke about the way the New York Knicks have treated their star players. “(Skipping the exit interview) wasn’t an emotional decision,” Janis said, according to a translation from “It wasn’t a spontaneous action. We had been thinking about it for a long time and it was considered an honest, well-thought decision we came up with together. It was a logical next step for us, without which we would’ve been in one situation, but now after we did it – we are in another.” Janis thought it was contradictory how Kristaps was labeled unprofessional for skipping his exit meeting while Carmelo Anthony was praised. “It’s interesting how many people who are even somehow involved in all of this, have criticized it afterward as something so unprofessional!! Just look at Melo, how he is handling things,” Janis said. “And I’m thinking, 'wait a minute.' In reality, if he for once decided to fight for something, we wouldn’t be in this situation and Kristaps wouldn’t be forced to take all the damage on himself. It wasn’t done for some personal interest or ambitions or dislike for someone, it was for the sake of overall peace.