After signing a two-year deal worth a total of $24 million, Brooklyn Nets forward Kris Humphries had fairly disappointing 2012-13 campaign. Humphries had an up and down season that even saw him fall out of the rotation. His situation got so bad that the rebounding monster was in the news more for his off-court divorce from Kim Kardashian than he was for his play on the court. He showed up unexpectedly on ESPN First Take in Miami this morning to go toe-to-toe with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless. Humphries touched on a number of subjects, including how his divorce affected his play on the court, the distraction of his name constantly coming up in trade rumors, whether he would like to remain in Brooklyn for the long-term and some other things that Nets fan may find interesting. For the most part, players who are coming off of disappointing seasons tend to lay low and begin training for the following season in July, after taking time off. That Humphries made himself available is noteworthy. Humphries was immediately asked how much the divorce factored into his poor season and he once again pushed the question aside. “It’s a thing of the past at this point. Basketball is what it is and it is an outlet for me and I am past that and looking ahead to having a great year next year and getting back after it” Humphries said. He was asked by Smith about his down year and if being bantered about in trade rumors distracted him as well as his personal struggles. “No I think there is always little bit of a distraction with any situation like that. Sometimes it is a tougher situation within a team as well. next year I am looking to come back and I will be a free agent after next year. ” Humphries continued, “Miraculously NBA players always seem to have a little more fire in that year, I mean it is what it is but I am excited to be back.” With the topic of him being in the last year of his contract and what comes with that he was asked if he wanted to stay in Brooklyn. His answer might surprise you.