Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian reached an agreement on a divorce settlement that will be finalized this morning, the Daily News as learned, ensuring the Nets forward will neither miss a practice or playoff game as the team prepares its series against the Bulls. Humphries didn’t have to fly to L.A. for the settlement meeting – which Kardashian attended –and instead was at the Nets’ practice in New Jersey. He was hoping to take the divorce to court, which was scheduled for May 6, but realized he would’ve had to miss games in order to get his marriage annulled on the premise that it was a sham created for reality TV. The Nets weren’t happy about the prospect of Humphries missing games or practices following a meeting on the subject, making his decision easier. He had skipped a previous divorce settlement meeting to be with the Nets in Indianapolis. “There was no way Kris would miss anything with the Nets,” said a source close to the power forward. “The team means more to him than this, so this really wasn’t a tough decision for him.” Both parties signed the agreement last night, prompting Humphries to tweet, “Couldn’t be happier!!”