For the second time this week the Bruins watched as one of their players required assistance to get off the ice because of an injury. This time it was David Krejci, who absorbed a shot to the inside of his right knee during the final minutes of the third period while he screened in front of the Pittsburgh net in a 2-1 loss to the Penguins. Johnny Boychuk had a chance to step into the puck from the right point and put every ounce of torque into the shot that took Krejci down. Krejci jumped up in the air as the 90-something mph shot was speeding to the net, and he went down in a crumpled heap after the puck hit him flush on the unprotected area of the knee. “I just hope he’s okay,” said a shaken Boychuk, who was very concerned about his teammate following the game. “It was a good pass over by [Zdeno Chara] and I had the whole lane to walk down and lots of time. I tried to put everything on it. Unfortunately it hit Krejci.” Krejci was able to stiffly walk to the Bruins team bus after the game was over. Granted Chris Kelly (broken tibia) was also able to walk to the team bus in Ottawa earlier this week before learning his regular season was likely over, but that’s still something to feel optimistic about.