Welcome to 2021, where a fish tells us who's Kraken. (It was a rehearsal, but it also may have been one of the best promo ideas in recent memory.) We’re less than 24 hours from unveiling Seattle’s expansion picks, and here’s what’s out there:

• It’s strikingly quiet. Those who worked through the 2017 Vegas expansion say that process was “much louder” than this one. There’s been much less communication with other teams from Seattle than there was from the Golden Knights. Does that mean Seattle has fewer trades planned? We’ll see. But, they’ve definitely not been as active across the league.

• They’ve targeted some free agents. What’s going to be interesting is if that means those players are going to be Seattle’s selection from other NHL teams, or the Kraken are going to know they have a deal “in the drawer,” and take a second player from certain clubs. Two teams to watch for — Florida and St. Louis. The Kraken are locked-in on Panthers goalie Chris Driedger. Do they also add someone like Frank Vatrano, or is Driedger the pick? They’re also interested in Jaden Schwartz. If they’re convinced they’ve got something, do they add Schwartz now, or take Vince Dunn and add the winger later? No confirmation on this, but a couple teams think the Kraken like Blake Coleman, too.