At the time of Kobe Bryant’s death, he was the fourth-largest shareholder in Bodyarmor, when he bought interest for $5 million back in 2013. The value of that investment has since skyrocketed in a company that is set to surpass $1 billion in retail revenue for the first time this year.

That $5 million investment was to gain a 10 percent stake and now his widow, Vanessa, will be inheriting a $200 million stake after Repole made a deal with Coca-Cola, valuing his company at $2 billion.

Repole told Fox Business:

“I lost a dear friend. I lost a brother with Kobe and BodyArmor lost a founding father. Kobe Bryant’s fingerprints are all over the BodyArmor brand. The brand wouldn’t be in the position it’s in if Kobe wasn’t a believer back in 2012 and 2013.”

“For me, this has always been a journey, the last seven or eight years, with Kobe, and now I feel like this is a journey for Kobe,” Repole added. “To me, BodyArmor really is his business legacy. Kobe saw in BodyArmor, when we were under $5 million in sales, what nobody else saw.”