The NBA has rescinded a technical foul called against Kobe Bryant in the Los Angeles Lakers’ 119-108 loss Monday to the Denver Nuggets. This retracted technical foul puts Bryant’s total for the season at 13. Last night, Bryant received his 14th technical in the first half, which put him only two away from a league-mandated one-game suspension. Bryant was sure the NBA would take back the technical called by referee Joey Crawford. “Joe didn’t know what was going on. Me and a ref were having just a simple conversation, and he kind of jumped the gun,” Bryant said, according to the L.A. Daily News. It was the second consecutive game in which Bryant received a technical. He was also called for one Sunday when the Lakers defeated the Dallas Mavericks, 103-99. Bryant, who has accumulated $33,000 in fines, said he would control himself Sunday. Coach Mike D’Antoni agrees Bryant must slow his technical pace, sensing the Lakers could lose him in this critical stretch as they work to make the playoffs. Bryant has earned 14 or more technicals in five of the past seven seasons, including 2010-11, the only time he reached 16 and served a suspension.