Earlier this month, Vanessa Bryant announced on Instagram that she and Kobe Bryant were officially back together, saying their "divorce action will be dismissed." The Bryants' relationship may be all good now, but the couple is still irked by a rap line that was released during their estrangement. After Vanessa filed for divorce in 2011, rapper Drake said in the song "Stay Schemin' " that Vanessa didn't deserve a large sum of Bryant's fortune because "...you wasn't with me shootin' in the gym." That line became an instant hit and has often been repeated by Bryant's fans. On Monday morning, after Bryant tweeted about he and his wife drinking some coffee and tea, a fan replied saying, "but..... #SheWasntWithYouShootingInTheGym" Bryant immediately defended his wife. "no, she wasn't. She was busy raising our kids #nonanny #respectmothers," Bryant posted to his Twitter account.