Willy Hernangomez got his wish. The day after his close friend Kristaps Porzingis was felled by a devastating season-ending ACL tear, Hernangomez is moving on to Charlotte, a source confirmed. The Knicks will got back two second-round picks and Johnny O’Bryant, a 24-year-old forward they will waive. The Knicks already have two second-round picks this June, and the ones received from Charlotte are for 2020 and 2021 — years they didn’t have second-round picks. They were seeking either a first-round pick or a young player to develop — a diamond in the rough. “The Knicks are trying to find a Terry Rozier before he becomes Terry Rozier,” one NBA scout said of the Knicks’ thinking. O’Bryant is not their Rozier. Team president Steve Mills recommended the Knicks draft Hernangomez in the same 2015 draft they took Porzingis, buying the pick from the Sixers at No. 35. Mills felt he’d fit the triangle. Hernangomez’s skill set, though, is as an old-school, low-post center and didn’t develop a long-range shot. He’s been out of the rotation all season and his agent recently encouraged the Knicks to shop him if his situation isn’t going to change.