There’s going to come a time when the Knicks are going to have to roll up their sleeves, pound their chests, and say, “The hell with it. Let’s go.” There is no reward for the meek in the NBA. Patience is for priests. Maybe that means focusing every ounce of their energy on the ever-shifting Kawhi Leonard situation in San Antonio. Maybe it lies elsewhere. Maybe they would be the longest of long shots in any scenario they try to construct. But they have to think. They have to try. They have to come up with something. Because if there is one thing that has become abundantly clear as the losing has come whirring by in a blur these past few weeks it’s this: Tanking isn’t enough. The Knicks have tanked their tails off. They have lost 22 of their past 25 games. That’s a winning percentage of 12 percent. It hasn’t been easy to watch. It also hasn’t been nearly enough to make a dent. For all the losing, all the incompetence, all the non-competitiveness — the Hallmarks of Hell — the Knicks still entered Thursday with only the ninth-worst record in basketball, with a legit shot to only slip ahead of Chicago in this massive basketball brigade to nowhere. That’s an awful lot of losing, already, to secure only the ninth-best chance to win the lottery — or even simply to move up in the lottery, something the Knicks haven’t done in 33 years. And that means unless the Knicks’ luck changes (And who among us believes that’s going to happen?), they are destined to another meh draft position. And all the meh that follows from that.