Kenyon Martin is at odds with Mike Woodson. The coach said his goal is for the Knicks to be a top-10 defensive team. “I told him top-five” Martin said Saturday after practice. Now that’s the kind of dissension a coach can live with from any player. Perhaps Martin is straining just a bit to be a little more active in training camp. He runs and does conditioning work but the scrimmage sessions are off-limits so far. Woodson who admits he probably played his versatile forward a bit too much last season is standing firm. Martin said he agrees it’s the right call. “I’m not going to burn him like I did last year. When Kenyon came in all our bigs were down. … I played him. I probably played him too much. He ended up breaking down somewhat toward the latter part with his ankle. This year I’ve got to be cautious” said Woodson who stressed Martin 35 does all the requisite running. “I haven’t let him scrimmage yet. That’s going to come eventually” Woodson added. “I’m doing the right thing by conditioning so when it’s time to play his wind is there and he’s ready to run up and down and play.” Martin said he and Woodson over the summer developed a “plan” designed to keep him fresh — “I’m cool with the plan” he said. Martin proclaimed himself fit and healthy and insisted if there were a game Sunday he could play. “I’m healthy. I’m fine. I’m doing everything the guys are doing other than scrimmaging” said Martin who joined the Knicks last March and played 30 games with them including the playoffs but an achy left knee and sprained left ankle hampered him down the stretch however.